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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Such A Night

Such a Night
By Sharath Chandran

Such a night is the sixth release in the Essential series. Although a lot of this content has been released on different bootlegs, none could beat the sound quality of this release. This release features the following sessions in Studio B,Nashville.


MARCH 20-21 1960

Make Me Know It

Stuck On You

Soldier Boy


APRIL 3-5 1960

Such A Night


The Girl Of My Best Friend


OCTOBER 30-31 1960


I Believe In The Man In The Sky


MARCH 12-13 1961

Give Me The Right

I'm Coming Home

There's Always Me


JUNE 25-26 1961

Little Sister


OCTOBER 15-16 1961

I Met Her Today


MARCH 18-19 1962

Gonna Get Back Home Somehow

Night Rider

Easy Question



MAY 26-28 1963

Please Don't Drag That String Around


JANUARY 12 1963

Memphis Tennessee

It Hurts Me



Crystal Clear!!!Much better than some of the bootlegs.




1.SUCH A NIGHT:Takes 2&3 are false starts.Take 4 is the complete take.


2.MAKE ME KNOW IT:The first song Elvis recorded after his return from the army.This is Take 3.Other takes(16+17) were released on TTAF.


3.STUCK ON YOU:This take 2 version is very similar to the master with the exception of the ending being messed up.


4.FEVER:A very good Take 1.The sound here suffers from too much of bass.


5.GIRL OF MY BEST FRIEND:Take 6 is very similar to the master .


6.SOLDIER BOY:Takes 2&3 were released on the bootleg Colonel's Collection.This is take 1.


7.SURRENDER:This is take 9.Take 1 has been released on 60's boxset.


8.I BELIEVE IN THE MAN IN THE SKY:This take(take 1)has been released on Surrender by Elvis and Stand By me Vol 2.


9.GIVE ME THE RIGHT:The complete session has been bootlegged on Something Complete(Famous Groove FG2332).This is take 2.


10.I'M COMING HOME:From the same session as Give Me The Right.This is take 2.


11.THERE'S ALWAYS ME:Take 9.Very similar to the master.


12.LITTLE SISTER:Take 9.Other takes are available on the bootleg Kiss Me Quick Little Sister(KMQ 1061).


13.I MET HER TODAY:This is take 4.Master version is take 18.


14.GONNA GET BACK HOME SOMEHOW:Take 5.Other versions can be found on Always Me 3 and 24 Carat Gold.


15.NIGHT RIDER:This song was used in the 1965 movie Tickle Me.This is take 5 which is the master version for the 1962 recordings.Takes 1+2+3 has been released on Always Me 4.


16.SUCH AN EASY QUESTION:Again used on the movie Tickle Me.Take 2 is a really splendid version of this underrated song.


17.SUSPICION:Take 2(unreleased).Take 1 is found on There's Always Me 1.


18.PLEASE DON'T DRAG THAT STRING AROUND:OK vesion considering its Take 1.


19.MEMPHIS TENNESSEE:Take 5 of this Chuck Berry song.Again its very similar to the master(take 6).This is the 1964 version.


20.IT HURTS ME:An extremely good version considering its only take 1.




Well,that sums it up.It is'nt that essential when compared to the other releases in this series.But its a must have only for its fabulous sound quality.



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