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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Spin In....Spin Out
SPIN-IN.....SPINOUT    The Real McCoy LSD 1966
Soundtrack sessions for Spinout, 1966.
01. Spinout (Take 2)
02. Adam and Evil (Takes 1, 2)
03. Smorgasbord (Take 1)
04. Adam and Evil (Take 6)
05. Am I Ready (Takes 3, 4)
06. Adam and Evil (Take 9)
07. Never Say Yes (Takes 1, 2)
08. Adam and Evil (Take 10)
09. All That I Am (Takes 1, 2)
10. Adam and Evil (Take 11)
11. Stop, Look and Listen (Takes 1, 2, 3)
12. Adam and Evil (Take 12)
13. Beach Shack (Takes 1, 2, 3)
14. Adam and Evil (Take 13)
15. Am I Ready (Takes 5, 6)
16. Adam and Evil (Take 14)
17. Smorgasbord (Take 4)
18. Adam and Evil (Take 15)
19. All That I Am (Take 6)
20. Adam and Evil (Takes 17, 18)
21. Adam and Evil (Take 16)
"What'd you think I am, dum-dee-dum?" Maybe sometimes the best phrase how Elvis himself reacted on some of his movies. After singing' this line in the first take of "Beach Shack" and burst out laughing with the whole crew. This recording is the red line on "Spin-In...Spinout", which is according to me the best soundtrack on bootleg since ever. The whole thing is just one big cynical joke on the 60's movies.
The cd front covers the subtitle "The ultimate dum-dee-dum, yeah yeah yeah, Do the watusi, Beachparty album" and that just sums it up.
The label number contains the mysterious combination LSD. On the back there're some pictures from 'Spinout' , but... there's one pic where Elvis can be seen as a driver, but the side of the car says: Steve Grayson, and the experts among us know what that means.
Gnif, Gnif the makers must have been thinking, small caps reveal: Oops, wrong movie! Now, that's considered sneaky wit.
Also the producer of 'Spinout' Joe Pasternak has been given a proper name: Joe Pestintheneck. And then we didn't even hear one second of music. Now that's promising.
This music can be split in two divisions: On one side 'Adam and Evil' and on the other side all the other songs. No less than sixteen takes of 'Adam and Evil can be found here, and even the most prejudice fan can listen the them with a lot of fun. Why? Because their divided all over the album, and that very enjoyable. And since is Elvis is going wrong anytime on another moment, the excitement's building up to hear the complete take.
And for the fans who can't get enough, there's always the 'Famous Groove' double cd "Complete Spinout Sessions".
Here you can find all the same recordings and takes, and then some. And of course they filled up with the original RCA master takes. So, how's that for complete huh? While listening to 20 takes of 'Adam and Evil' , and then in a row, it's suddenly crystal clear what a great job McCoy label did with their album. The excitement is far away on the 'famous groove' album and after some 10 tracks you can predict the ending of it all.
Suddenly those same recording have become very dull and they're no fun to listen to anymore, but for the tough collector it's indispensable.
The sound of 'famous groove' is a little better. Make your choice, but don't let me catch you around with only the 'famous groove album.
What do you think I am, dum-dee-dum?
By Taildragger.

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