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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Elvis Sessions III

Elvis Sessions III

By: Jordan Ritchie

Sessions III – When all IS cool!

JAT Publishing By: Joe Tunzi

            Well folks, I ordered this massive book as soon as it was to be released at the end of August 2004, and it has taken me until NOW to get through this massive Six-Hundred-Thirty page book. The question you are probably asking is should you as the Elvis fan get it? If you don’t want to read the review and want your answer now.. It is YES! And do it soon, because the book is about sold out in its first printing.. But have no fear; a second printing I’m told is on the way soon!

            Now, onto the contents of the book. The book starts with a forward by Bill Porter who was Elvis’ sound Engineer back in the day. He had also worked hand in hand with the DCC release “24 Carat Gold Hits” remastered cd. Then, it’s onto the explanations of the Sessions layouts and what all the abbreviations mean. There had been many rumors of a “Better” layout.. But, why fix something that isn’t broken? One welcome sight to the sessions listing was the addition of song titles in the session notes along with the matrix numbers. This has come in handy because you no longer have to stop, and go back to the sessions and cross-reference the matrix number to the song titles.

            Another addition to the book after each session is a listing of all the available outtakes from that session on official BMG/FTD releases. Maybe in the next edition he can cross-reference each songs outtakes much like this printing, but add where the songs are on “Import” releases?

            Now, this book has a bit of “Something for everybody.” Not only does it have an exhaustive be all, end all (for now) sessionography. It also contains many many never before seen photographs throughout the book. They are all in B&W, but the rarity of the shots make up for that! After all if they were in color you could smack a much larger price tag onto this book that is a steal at its going rate. More on that in a minute!

            Ok, so I’ve read all about the sessions and learned a bunch of tidbits like

  • There was an additional standup show in the ’68 special!
  • Soundboards exist from almost every season and tour!
  • “Little Mama” is out there!
  • Many unknown rehearsals.
  • And much more!


Now onto the fans of statistics! This book contains a complete listing of Elvis’ RIAA awards; Top ten albums – extended plays – and singles. As well as a listing of Grammy award nominations. This book also gives a good overview of the Elvis import cd scene (ok bootlegs..) in it’s “Essential Bootlegs” section. Complete with song listings!

      All in all, this is a fantastic book for the serious Elvis fan, and beginner Elvis alike. You can order this book by emailing Joe Tunzi, or by visiting his website:

J.A.T. Publishing

The book is $59.95 and worth every cent!

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