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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Rubberneckin' - The Single Collection

Rubberneckin’ The Single Collection

By: Ewoud




By now Rubberneckin’ is a big hit in Holland. It’s in the top 10 of several charts and it gets some airplay as well. On the music channels some commercials are aired, using footage of the video. I even saw the video once, but I’m sure it gets regular airplay on The Music Factory and MTV. 


Around the same time the Rubberneckin’ single was released in Holland, BMG Holland also released the Rubberneckin’ boxed-set: The Single Collection.

This release is nothing but a smart tool by BMG to sell a couple of copies more of the single. And I think this tool will do it’s work!



The singles are packed in a classis double LP sleeve. The front cover has the same lay-out as the regular singles, except for the note in the left corner: limited edition!! 3000 copies only. This is not a sticker, it’s printed on the cover itself. Unfortunately the 3000 copies are not individually numbered.

The back cover has only the golden bars with the black background and some addresses for websites. So there are no great photos of our man on the back of this set, which is probably ok because they would have used a half-face one!

When you open the package you’ll see on the left side a small advertisement for ‘2nd To None’. They used the coffee-cup design as the cover.

The right site represents of course what this set is all about: the Rubberneckin’ singles. All three formats are there: the 2 track cardboard version, the multi track digi-pack version and the slim case multi track single. In America singles appear often in a regular jewel case, but at this site of the ocean singles are released in special slim cases. By the way, you can’t see the covers really because there’s a black carton band that keeps them to the package.

There’s one more surprise. The package holds also the vinyl version of the single. This is really great! It’s pressed on heavy vinyl. The single appears in a black protection sleeve only, with just a sticker on the right corner. This is quite boring of course, but I consider the whole package as the cover and sleeve for this vinyl pressing. Quite interesting is the following text that’s on the label: ‘For promotional use only. Not for sale’. Strange, I remember the 15,99 euros I paid for this set!



Fans won’t buy this set because of the great diversity of music. It contains no less than eleven times the song Rubberneckin’. However, I spoke with not Elvis-fans who wanted to buy it because it looks cool. That’s probably the only reason to buy it, besides the fact that there are only 3000 copies available worldwide. It’s cheap also, so most people will buy more than one copy of it. Probably to sell it one day. I have two copies of this set myself and I noticed something strange. One disc contains only the ELVIS logo, no further text. That must be a mistake, misprints are always welcome!



Free Record Shop in Holland is the only record store who’s allowed to sell this set. Most Free Record Shops have a lot of copies available, so buy it when you can! It’s also available worldwide at the Free Record Shop mail order company:

The set is cool but when you can’t get it, you’ll miss nothing really essential for your collection.



From Rotterdam for ENN

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