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Welcome To ENN - Review Of One Night In Vegas

One Night In Vegas
By Sharath Chandran

(FTD 81234-2)



1970 was a brilliant year for Elvis.Two long stands in Las Vegas two studio sessions all yeilding several chartbusting albums and singles.This is Elvis at his very doing what only he can.In 1969 he had begun doing live perfomances again starting with Las Vegas.He held a month long engagement in Jan/Feb 1970 which yeilded the very popular On Stage Album broke attendence records in Huston and to top it all held studio sessions that produced some of his best known songs.The August stint in Las Vegas as many of you know was the time when the production for That's The Way It Is was on.One night in Vegas documents the only opening show recorded by BMG with  professional multi track eqipment.With this Aug 10 1970 show it marks the release of the third live show from 1970 the other two being the Aug 11 and the Aug 12 shows  released on box sets Live In Las Vegas And That's The Way It Is respectively.



 Very good...or to be precise extremely good.All the instruments and the vocals can be heard clearly and in general the mix is top notch.


Songwise Review:


1.That's All Right:

The cd begins with Ronnie Tutt pounding furiously on the drums which consequently leads to a stormy version of That's All Right.Again the commitment is 110%.This one really cooks I think Elvis never perfomed a bad version of this song.


2.Mystery Train/Tiger Man:

A superb meledy.Very well sung.The band is is top form and Elvis delivers a really rip roaring version of this classic.


3.I Can't Stop Loving You:

Excellent version.Again the commitment is there.


4.Love Me Tender :

An OK version with Elvis concentrating on kissing dames than singing the song.


5.The Next Step Is Love:

A better version than the studio one.But again it is obvious that the song meant very little to Elvis as he sleepwalks through this one.



A good version.The 1969 versions are better in my opinion.


7.I Just Can't Help Beleving:

Very well sung version of this B.J Thomas song.Not far from the master version.



Nicely done version of this Beatles hit.


9.Sweet Caroline:

An Ok Version of this famous Neil Diamond hit.The Feb 1970 versions are better.


10.You've Lost That Loving Feeling:

A superb heart felt first time live delivery of this underrated classic.


11.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me:

A nice version  Elvis is a little distracted in spots.


12.Polk Salad Annie:

A real thumping version.This is the version where Elvis quotes"I feel like an o'l stripper,man." As always the crowd goes wild.


13.I've Lost You:

A well sung version.It will keep getting better as the engagement progresses.


14.Bridge Over Troubled Water:

A passionate version of this Simon And Garfunkel classic.Brilliantly delivered and this is THE BEST song for me from this cd.The 1970-72 versions are the cream of the crop as far as Elvis' versions are concerned.


15.Patch It Up:

Sung with a punk rock feel to it.But better versions can be found on That's The Way It Is.


16:Can't Help Falling In Love:

A good version not the usual throwaways found from the 1976 period.It is infact very well sung.


Unfortunately the band intros and Heartbreak Hotel are edited out which makes it an incomplete concert.But still just looking at the song list it is pretty impressive with some really good versions.The disc is rounded out with songs from the rehersal held on 4/8/70.A really good but unfortunately an incomplete version of Bridge Over Troubled Water can be found among these.

In short this is a very entertaining concert sporting a still lean Elvis delivering songs with brilliance and commitment that unfortunately would fade away very soon.....FTD have done a really good job with this Cd although a little more info on the booklet would be nice.And to all those whowant to possess a well sung concert in excellent sound,look no further One Night In Vegas is the one for you....


Sound Rating: 9.5/10

Show Rating: 9.75/10

Packaging: 6/10


Rehearsal Songs:



2.Cattle Call/Yodel

3.Twenty Days And Twenty Nights

4.You Dont Have To Say You Love Me

5.Bridge Over Troubled Water(incomplete)



Comedian: Sammy Shore
Warm up act: The Sweet Inspirations
High voice singer: Millie Kirkham (Aug. 10-14) / Kathy Westmoreland

Backup vocalists:

The Sweet Inspirations: Ann Williams, Myrna Smith, Sylvia Shemwell , Estelle Brown
The Imperials:
Jack Hess, Jim Murray, Armond Morales, Gary McSpadden


Lead Guitar: James Burton
Rhythm Guitar: John Wilkinson
Bass: Jerry Scheff
Piano: Glen D. Hardin
Drums: Ronnie Tutt
Acoustic guitar: Charlie Hodge

Symphony orchestra:

Mr. Joe Guercio & Joe Guercio orchestra

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