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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Girl Happy At The World's...
Track listing    57:12 minutes
01 Girl Happy (Takes 3, 4)
02 Beyond The Bend (Takes 1, 3)
03 Take Me To The Fair (Takes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7)
04 Cotton Candy Land (Takes 1, 2, 3, 4)
05 Puppet On A String (Takes 6, 7)
06 How Would You Like To Me (Take 6)
07 Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (Takes 8, 9, 11)
08 How Would You Like To Be (Takes 3, 2)
09 One Broken Heart For Sale (Takes 2, 3, 1)
10 The Meanest Girl In Town (Takes 4, 5, 6)
11 Relax (Takes 12, 13)
12 I'm Falling In Love Tonight (Takes 7, 6)
13 Do Not Disturb (Takes 26, 27)
14 Spring Fever (Takes 2, 3, 4)
15 They Remind Me Too Much Of You (Take 7)
16 Happy Ending (Take 9)
After listening to this last Bilko issue, I took the liberty to this listen again to the double feature CD's. Without exemption I really enjoyed every minute of this Bilko CD. From the first sounds of Girl Happy, on this CD at the right speed (cause RCA thought it was necessary to speed it up in 1965, just because that was common then.), to the crisp guitar opening of Take Me To The Fair and the lovely ballads like They Remind Me Too Much Of You.
What makes this Bilko CD now better than the original BMG issues? For one thing it's the way Bilko mixed these songs all together. Second, of course, the unreleased versions. Then all this, combined with Elvis' good sense of humor and an excellent sound quality.
As never before Bilko did it again by delivering the best soundtrack bootleg ever! They made the very best of slightly 'uninteresting' material. No complete session (I'm sorry, all you 'real' collectors)
but just one bunch of fun al together in a wonderful sleeve. Okay, the producers made one tiny mistake by announcing take 6 from 'How Would You Like To Be' as take 1. Well, you shall be forgiven. The only disadvantage we find here on that same backside: Coming Soon! There's Always Me, Volume 5. Well, that's too bad my friends, it ain't gonna happen! How do you mean, quit on your peak?
Review by Taildragger.

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