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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Elvis Meets Presley
Track listing  61:03 minutes
01 Memphis Tennessee (Take 1)
02 In Your Arms (Take 2)
03 Forget Me Never (Take 7 solo)
04 It's A Sin (Take 2)
05 There's Always Me (Takes 5-9)
06 Put The Blame On Me (Takes 1, 2)
07 Long Lonely Highway (Take 1)
08 I'm Coming Home (Takes 6, 7)
09 Fever (Takes 2, 3)
10 In My Way (alt. take, solo)
11 Gently (Take 5)
12 Slowly But Surely (Takes 2, 3, 4, 1)
13 You're The Reason I'm Living (Las Vegas, March 22, 1975)
15 Don't Cry Daddy (Acetate, Feb 16, 1970)
16 Green Green Grass Of Home (Las Vegas, March 22, 1975)
17 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/Blue Christmas/
18 I Got A Woman/Amen (Kansas City, June 29, 1974)
19 Introduction by Priscilla (August 16, 1997)
20 Don't Cry Daddy (duet Elvis and Lisa Marie, August 16, 1997)
21 Closing Announcement by Lisa Marie (August 16, 1997)
Elvis Meets Presley is a CD that has to be famous for the duet Don't Cry Daddy, by Elvis and daughter Lisa.
Also the complete speech from Priscilla and the whole two sentences Lisa brought out are on the album.
Well, I'm not the one getting warm for this, but was it for me, they could leave all that junk out. 
All this are the closing of a one hour during CD, which has been listened to with very mixed emotions.
I wonder, did the producers of this album chose for  a duet with the rest as a bonus, or was a the other way around? Anyway the live takes and studio takes are nice to have,  for a 'Best Of Alternate Elvis Album'.
But believe me, this compilation hasn't got anything good for the spoiled Elvis Fan.
When we take a tour through the CD, we come to frightening conclusions:
Just the three false starts of 'Slowly But Surely' are really 'new' here. The rest is already well known and issued on several other bootlegs and RCA albums.
Memphis Tennessee is the same take as on RCA's Boxset From Nashville to Memphis, and In Your Arms is the RCA master take, so much for alternate! Forget Me Never only has three takes existing, so how the hell is it possible we can listen here to a take # 7, according the booklet? It's A Sin was already released on There's Always Me vol. 1, and the CD Something Complete gave us already the takes of the song There's Always Me.
Also on TAM vol.1 we had the takes of Put The Blame On Me. And Long Lonely Highway is the RCA version that was released in the sixties already (wow, and even on single!). Gently is also the master take, so as you can see, plenty of unissued here!
I can go on and on with this bullshit, but I'm just gonna say: Don't buy this rip-off, cause that's what it is. Just a quick moneymaker done by a miserable label.
Review by Taildragger.

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