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Jordan's Elvis World


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Our Correspondents

Jordan Ritchie-- Main Correspondent (USA) About Me!

Larry Geller --- Reviews/Interviews (USA)


Andrei Cagnea --- Text (Romania)
About Me!


Bob Nelson --- Text (England)
About Me!


Bill  --- Text (USA)


Cara Sands --- Text, eventually "On Air"? (USA)
About Me!


Daniel Persson--- Text (On Air?) (Sweden)
About Me!


Eddy Klein Heerenbrink ---Text (Netherlands)


Geneva Handleman --- Text/Graphics Downloads (USA?)


HT Long  --- Text/On Air? -- (Asia)
About Me!


Kelly Hensley --- Text (USA)
About Me!


Livio  --- Text/On Air (Italy)


Mark --- Special Audio Mixes (USA?)


Melanie Ley  --- "Movie of the Month" (Germany)


 Philippe Oghia --- Text (Canada)
About Me!


Mark Kunie  --- Text (USA)


Pete Hurrem -- Not yet committed


Sharath Chandran  --- Text/On Air (India)
About Me!


Stephen Butler  --- Text (UK)
About Me!


Michael C -- Text/On Air? (USA)


Wolf --- Text (Germany)


Rich Wilson  --- Text/Audio? (USA)
About Me!


Anne-Maria Noiraude  --- Text (Brazil)


Latisha Hutson --- Text/On Air? (USA)
About Me!


cintia Diaz  --- Text (Origin??)


Brian  --- Text (USA)


Ronda Marson--- Text (Canada)
About Me!


Diana  --- Text (USA)


Teresa Guest -- Unconfirmed (USA?)


Pascal Snijders  --- Text/Reviews (Netherlands)  --- Text (USA)


Donna  --- Text (USA)
About Me!


 Rod Martinez--- Text (San Josť, Costa Rica)
About Me!


Todd Schmidt --- Text (USA)
About Me!


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