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Welcome To ENN - Sentimental Macon

Sentimental Macon
By Kelly Hensley

One of the stories of Elvis I like the most is about the CBS special the he did in 1977.


Everyone has heard of the two concerts did on June 19 & 21, 1977.


On June 1, 1977 Elvis performed in Macon, Georgia at the Macon Coliseum. The press announces on this day that Elvis had signed a contract with CBS for a one-hour special that would be aired in the fall of 77.


Elvis will split 50-50 with the Colonel of the $175,000 that Elvis will get after $10,000 that had been assigned to All-Star Shows for Promotional expenses.


This is one of my favorite stories of Elvis because I live 12 miles south of Macon and I know where the Macon Coliseum is at.


This is a special story to me for the reason that this is where the contract was signed at for these two famous concerts Elvis did toward the end of his life.

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