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Welcome To ENN - If You Don't Come Back

If You Don't Come Back

By: Sound2Sound


“If You Don’t Come Back”

To Be Released February 2005!


*In the final decade of the last century, RCA/BMG decided to do a full-scale reissue of Elvis’ album catalog titled “Elvis in the 90’s”.
While this effort was to offer fans Elvis’ back catalog onto CD and cassette in the highest quality possible, many audiophiles disagree.

Pointing out rather that the sound was very “Dull” and “Lifeless”. What many people do not realize was that the mixing for this project was a “trial and error” process with many interesting mixes and edits thrown to the side like rejects!

You will soon experience for yourself what a bad idea this was, and what could have been!


In the age of people promising “Lost Tapes” with better sound quality only to find that it is just in fact the original master with juvenile effects added by a users personal computer can be quite disheartening. Which also raises
people’s suspicions of such releases.

I can assure everyone that this is not such a release.

I will elaborate by saying that the producer, a long time collector, and audiophile has spent countless hours/days/weeks in his professional studio gathering and compiling the most interesting mixes and edits for this release.


What you find here is the material that the “Elvis in the 90’s people” wished never to come back. But, as I said before “What could have been” has now become reality.

The producer has painstakingly taken the thrown out mixes from the ’73 Stax sessions and not only is he offering the mixes as they came from these said “rejects” but he has also re-mixed and edited these songs to give the listener a truer, more well deserved respect for these sessions.

The funky has become funkier; the ambience of the ballads has come full circle from the songs original releases. So much so that you can actually hear things never heard before on the original mixes.

With sound enhancements on releases such as “Elvis - 30 #1 Hits” and “Elvis – Second to none” this cd will be welcomed very well in the Elvis community, and the music community at large. As this cd represents the 1973 Stax Studio recordings in the same light, if not better than the above mentioned releases.


This cd is strictly limited to 500 numbered copies and a special promotion poster and each cd is sourced from the masters to give the listener the greatest sound quality.

Sit back and relax while you listen to the album that was never to be…

(*except from the sleeve notes).


Producers note:

What can I say, as a collector and as a studio engineer I come across many people in the field and with the fact they often know that I enjoy Elvis' music I get nice offers once a while. This happened also a few years ago, I think ' 98 or '99.
I was working somewhere and an engineer assistant said he saved mastering backups of I believe the Elvis in the 90's projects and some other stuff he worked on. If I would be interested ?. I was thinking, if the audio is nothing I still have the HD's.

Boy, there was a lot on it and I found between the tracks some very different sounding ones. So pure and clear.

Since I always had a weak spot for "Raised on rock"album, I started with that.
The first day that I started working on some songs of Elvis I was taken by the quality of the songs itself.
I knew there was still a lot of work but worth it.
Soon I realize that this, so called "private" project must be shared with other fans.
And from there on I tried to make something very special.
Talking with a friend and new friends, I tried to get anything to make a great booklet and rare photo's of the recordings (Thanks Russ)

Here's the result of hard labour and here's the CD "If you don't come back".

I hope you love it as much as I do,
And if you do, I will try to make a follow up !

Once again, enjoy !  -*Rae*-


* except from the sleeve notes.


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