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Welcome To ENN - Review Of Spanish Eyes
Track listing  61:46 minutes
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
Tryin' To Get To You
All Shook Up
Love Me Tender
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Why Me, Lord
Suspicious Minds
Band introductions
I Can't Stop Loving You
Help Me
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Let Me Be There
Spanish Eyes
Big Boss Man
Funny How Time Slips Away
Can't Help Falling In Love.
LAKE TAHOE,  MAY 24th 1974
This great release of the midnight show from may 24th, 1974 in Lake Tahoe has some songs that makes it better than the rest of these shows. Clearly the bootleg makes discovered that 1974 was one of the better years of the big tours he did in the seventies.
The recordings of his last live album are just finished and again the King takes a mini tour (just four days) just before he gets himself to Lake Tahoe on May 14th 1974 to make arrangements for a 10 day during series of shows. The mood to perform live has come back and his last shows in Memphis did very well for him. He has a new LP out (Good Times) escorted with a single 'Help Me'.
New jumpsuits, new songs the King is ready for some gigs in the hot desert! Just recently he added Olivia Newton John's 'Let Me Be There', Kris Kristofferson's 'Why Me Lord' and of course his brand new single 'Help Me' (a timid, but at the same time country-gospel like song from the pen of Larry Gatlin). A sixties classic of his own: 'Big Boss Man'. Clearly he has a lot of trouble with this one, but one can tell he really takes the most out of it. During the following tours, the song gets more and more better done live by Elvis.
But Friday the 24th of May he seems to be in very good shape, the one time his voice gives up on him, we'll forgive him for that. It's for sure that he has a lot of fun and already after 'See See Rider' Elvis comments that "there're a bunch of sex maniacs in the audience!" During the intro of
'I Got A Woman' the crowd goes nuts! Although I think personally he got a little carried away with the well, well, well's....
'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' is done instead of Steamroller Blues on this spot. Although the song is done very well, I personally think it's a mistake because Steamroller always gets some fire in the show. Hound Dog and Fever follow up in the usual way and Polk Salad Annie sounds a little bit tired and slow, the wind up is way too long. Especially when he goes down with the fire, in the middle of the song (like he does on Suspicious Minds), the song gets a little bored.
The introductions of the band are short and then quickly followed up by an hones I Can't Stop Loving You.  After that Elvis introduces his new single Help Me. Next Elvis carries with a great version of Bridge Over Troubled Water and we can hear Elvis put a little effort in the show here.
After a good version of Let Me Be There it's time for the title track of the album.
Spanish Eyes was recorded by Elvis  in December of 1973 and started performing this song by January 1974 during his Las Vegas engagement. This is a paceful good version.
After Big Boss Man, even Elvis comments this they finally got it right this time! I think it's the best live version of this song I have ever heard.
After Funny How Time Slips Away and Can't Help Falling In Love, Elvis leaves the building.
Conclusion? Well, this is a pretty good show. Probably about average for this stage of his career. It has a good sound, the songs are really okay and Elvis was in a good mood. Although one or two songs were done somewhat tired sounding, most of the show is allright.
Considering the new songs he recorded before this tour, it's surprising Elvis didn't add more new songs to his set list. But, for what it's worth, one of the better shows of 1974 is definitely Spanish Eyes. So if you don't have a show of 1974, be sure to get this one.
Review By Taildragger.

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