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Welcome To ENN - Review Of American Crown Jewels
01 Long Black Limousine (Take 6)
02 Wearin' That Loved On Look (10)
03You'll Think Of Me (Take 7)
04 A Little Bit Of Green (Take 1)
05 In The Ghetto (Take 3)
06 Rubberneckin' (Take 1)
07 From A Jack To A King (Take 2) (Or take 3?)
08 Without Love (Take 3) (or take 4?)
09Suspicious Minds (Take 7)
10 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Take 1)
11 Power Of My Love (Take 1)
12 After Loving You (Take 3)
13 And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind (Take 6)
14 Do You Know Who I Am (Take 1)
15 Kentucky Rain (Take 8)
16 It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' (Take 2)
17 Only The Strong Survive (Take 3)
18 Any Day Now (Take 2)
19 If I'm A Fool (Take 3)
What have The Netherlands and The USA in common? Well, they're both in the proud possession of Crown Jewels. Yes, you did read it well. Though the Dutch Crown Jewels are claimed to be for the head of our own queen or king, every Elvis Fan can get a hold of his or her own Crown Jewels too.
The cover leads us through the descriptions of the songs, along with a whole bunch of beautiful pictures. That fact on itself is a real unique thing, cause where do you find such beautiful pics and precious information in the bootleg booklets?
RCA / BMG missed another opportunity here for releasing one of the nest recording sessions ever done by an artist. However, 8 songs have already been found on the There's Always Me 2nd and 3rd part, that doesn't mean this CD is less worth it's weight in gold. If there's one bootleg you can afford to buy this year, it really should be this one. I don't go deeper into facts and songs here, cause that may be well known by everyone of you. But I can't leave out the remarks of good sound quality, I mean, superb sound quality and the wonderful build up of the songs. It's really great to hear Elvis struggle with the songs and make them is own, as if they were self-written.
1969, Elvis was back in the studio's, and this CD proves it, he still had the jewels in his pants, all along.
The best 19 songs of the American Sound session are presented here in alternate, undubbed takes. And all of that in an excellent sound quality. Sergeant Bilko did it again!
Review by Taildragger.

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