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Welcome To ENN - Elvis Through My Eyes

Elvis Through My Eyes
By Mark Kunie

My first installment is about the man, in my opinion and through my eyes.

I really don’t recall the way I was turned onto him, but I do remember the album, it was called Elvis, it had a Blue background with Yellow stripes on the top and bottom. It was ordered off the television from my mother as a gift.

Since then I have bought, downloaded, and just acquired all I can of this Master Performer. Was I in love with his looks? NO I am not that way!!!!! It was only the voice, and the way he used it! Yeah he knew what he had. But if you listen to J.D. Sumner speak and you will know he always knew the other singers on the stage were as good, if not Better than him! So this voice was not really trained, and he could do anything, he sang the highs and the lows! He spoke many songs, as well as yodeled them!

He was such a down to earth human being, and he went with the flow of those around him. I feel that when surrounded by the right element, he was good, and vice versa! But basically all he knew he had was this incredible voice and was at the right place at the right time. When you hear songs like “We Can Make the Morning” (well known???) Or “ Bridge Over Troubled Water” you can hear the work that was being done,,, yes there are many others and you folks all have your own fav’s, but these 2 songs are proof of the labor of the love from Elvis’ voice.

Where in the world can you hear that effort being portrayed these days??? Sorry, but not even in his own daughters music, Nowhere can you hear the orchestration, the timing, the pain and effort, that was put into these selections. When Elvis sang, I feel he was singing to GOD. And he also believed that.

Take the time to really listen. You may now understand the thoughts, ever so simple that were The Kings!

In my next few writings I will talk about, The 2 trips I made to Memphis, Sorry I missed Jordan!!!!!!!

And the show of Elvis the Concert in Atlantic City NJ. And So Much MORE!

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