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Welcome To ENN - Calling all Elvis Detectives

Calling all Elvis Detectives:

Anyone recall seeing that Elvis
Concert Televised in 1977/78 (?)



I hope the following segment does not read too far out. I have always
been curious about this concert and I present the story here for the
readership to ponder. Maybe someone can relate to this event.
Friends, I do not wish to endorse or validate any film or print
material. I simply wish to invite you on a mental journey back in time
down memory lane. Thanks for allowing me to indulge in my favorite hobby.
Firstly, I have had the pleasure of meeting many Elvis admirers whom are
well read on the subject of our number one man, Elvis and also own quite
an extensive collection of film therefore, I am asking all the "super
sleuths" in the Elvis world whom are part, Inspector Clouseau (1960s
Peter Sellers), Inspector Columbo (1970s Peter Falk) and Inspector Kojak
(1970s "Who Loves Ya, Baby?" Telly Savalas) (Those are the three
Hollywood detectives which spring to mind:-)
Put on your "Sherlock Holmes" thinking caps, and have some fun with the
_The Mystery Elvis Television Concert_:
I am suggesting without a doubt that in the Spring of 1978, or maybe it
was late 1977: an Elvis concert filmed circa 1976 was aired on
television. Again, I am relying strictly on memory as I type this and
unfortunately, I do not have the print material to hand which would
clarify when the jumpsuit was worn, etc.
Here are the clues:
The film was not offered as part of a docu-drama (aka This Is Elvis
genre) or as part of a collection. The televised program I am referring
to was strictly dedicated to one and the same concert. I believe the
program aired for approximately close to an hour. I recall feeling
disappointed when it was over. Everyone can relate to that feeling after
viewing an Elvis program of course.
Firstly, may I say that I am relying heavily on my old memories from the
late 1970s as I type this segment friends.
I was sitting in my basement bedroom, two months away from my 15th
birthday, probably working on my homemade Elvis scrapbook, when my dear
mother opened the basement door and quickly shouted down the stairs, "
Robert....turn to channel......Elvis is on television! Well, after
hearing that familiar announcement, in typical fashion I sprang from my
chair (I sure miss the day of youth and vigor - well you know what I
mean, but I digress) and turned on my infamous 14" black and white
television and Elvis was seen preparing to take the stage. Excellent and
I recall watching this concert in the spring of 1978. I am sorry I do
not recall the television station which presented the concert. I do
recall it was not the CBS Special, televised in October 1977 or the
Elvis Special featuring the beautiful hostess Ann Margaret (re: Viva Las
Vegas for our young readers). A few of my colleagues have suggested to
me that I am mistakenly referring to the June 1977 Sundial tours when I
refer to the rare mystery concert but, I strongly assure you that during
this particular program Elvis wore the Prehistoric Bird Suit..
At the time of seeing this concert on television I was not aware of the
names of Elvis' many jumpsuits but, much later on, after speaking with
other Elvis fans and buying all those books: one which I purchased - red
covered photo collection titled, Candidly Elvis - many fans own a copy
of this book. Well, turn to the color photo where Elvis is shown with
his hands in prayer like fashion and his eyes are cast skyward. This
moment is the beginning of the broadcast after I flipped the television
dial. When I first saw this picture I said to myself, this is from the
same concert I saw many years ago on television.
Second vague clue: During the performance a good close-up view of Elvis
demonstrating his unique way of moving to a song: by rolling his eyes. I
previously read about this in the summer of 1977 when the bodyguard
book, Elvis: What Happened? was first released. I recall the author
suggesting that Elvis had suffered a ham-string muscle and was toning
down his onstage gyrations which were much a part of his famous
choreography - apparently to safe guard his health and in an effort to
please his audience regardless of his condition Elvis chose to "gyrate"
by rolling his eyes. Does anyone recall reading about this?
I recall the film appeared to be shot from the audience. But, not really
that far back. There were some very good close-ups as I mention. Sorry I
do not recall any of the songs Elvis offered. I do recall during the
show, my mother called down a second time with the wry comment, "Fat,
eh?" She was referring to Elvis' physical condition in her mind's eye,
but, I let it pass because I was very very very pleased naturally to see
another Elvis concert. One which presented another concert jumpsuit
which up until that time I had not seen before.
Finally, my parents were frequent subscription holders of TV Guide and
we would have been warned in advance if the concert was to be televised,
but, I do recall seeing TV Guide listings on occasion which stated
simply, "to be announced".
The Elvis concert ended and I recall what followed was a dark screen -
no producer credits. Hmmm.
I also recall the following day, the local Disc Jockey of my favorite
radio station did pose the simple question on air - Did anyone see that
Elvis concert which aired over the weekend? His remarks were not very
complimentary to the memory of Elvis. I recall not paying heed to this
because I was pleased to have had the opportunity to see another Elvis
There it is folks. Any ideas spring to mind regarding the above? I
welcome your comments and suggestions. I hope you enjoyed reading my
crazy-puzzle-anecdote-story and it inspired some great memories. Best
wishes to all for a fantastic 2005. And to all my fellow Canadians and
Americans shoveling snow: here's hoping the next warm spell will not be
a teaser but a definite sign of Spring.

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